Alaska Photo Magnets

With photos by Alaska photographer, Tim Newton

Choose the Alaska “Lynked” Magnet Set

The “Lynked” 4-magnet set of our Alaska Lynx photo magnets, 3×4.5 inches, $20 per set.

“Forever Lynked”

Two Alaska Lynx ‘paws‘ their play for a moment to express their mutual affection. Yes, they are hugging! smile

“Madonna Lynx”

Mama looks at me, at once both wary and accepting, and I think she looks like nothing so much as The Madonna! ???? I am instantly in love!! ❤

“Stop and Swat the Roses”

This lynx kitten “pawses” in play to bat the pansies around a little. No harm done, but how very feline! smile

“What’s That Clicky Thing?”

Here is a very curious lynx kitten, trying to figure out why that ungainly tree-like creature is going “click, click, click”. 

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