Alaska Fine Art Greeting Cards

With photos by Alaska photographer, Tim Newton

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The 6-card set of our Alaska Wilds greeting cards, 5×7 inches with envelopes, $20 per set.
($3.33 per card).

“Turnagain First Snow”

Here was the first snow “that stuck” on that beautiful fjord – the Turnagain Arm of Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

“Watchful Mama Lynx”

Here is a very concerned Mama lynx, staring me down as I was standing – unknowingly – next to her kitten which she had treed right next to the path when she heard my approach. I left quickly after seeing the kitten! Yikes!!

“Grizzly Bear Lake”

Here is the remote, azure jewel, Grizzly Bear Lake, hidden behind two days of mountain passes, in the heart of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains.

“Denali Reflection”

Alaska’s majestic Mt. Denali, here looms over the famous and appropriately-named “Reflection Pond”, on a rare, blue-sky autumn morning during peak fall colors.

“Rowr Mama, ROWR!”

Mama black bear plays with her two cubs in the foothills of Alaska’s Chugach Mountains. Baby brother is convinced he’s gained the upper hand now. ROWR!!

“Gale-Force Aurora”

On a high, frozen tarn in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, freezing, howling, gale-force winds battered me the entire night as I waited for the overcast to clear and show the hoped-for aurora. Finally, just before dawn, the clouds finally opened and this scene appeared in the northern sky, reflecting on the tortured ice below.

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