Alaska Fine Art Greeting Card

Gale-Force Aurora

On a high, frozen tarn in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains, freezing, howling, gale-force winds battered me the entire night as I waited for the overcast to clear and show the hoped-for aurora. Finally, just before dawn, the clouds finally opened and this scene appeared in the northern sky, reflecting on the tortured ice below.

front of card…
back of card…

(Per card: $3.75)

International Customers: Please contact to set up your custom order. 

Made in unreal Alaska, by real Alaskans, who thank you for your patronage!

Perfect for thank you notes, and for sharing Alaska with family and friends.

5×7 photograph on the front, with a description of the image on the back. Envelope included.

We ship promptly – often the next day – but almost always within less than 48 hours of receiving your order! 🙂

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council; it is made with paper from sustainably-managed forests.

A portion of all proceeds go to support reputable wildlife/rescue organizations.

More to Come!

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